What Does Furniture Removal Cost in Richmond? Know Before You Pay

Do you have an item of old furniture sitting in your backyard and taking over the playground space of your kids? It’s time to call junk removal services in Richmond and get furniture removal services. This junk only creates headaches for you, and thus, it’s essential to let it go. People often need to learn what furniture removal costs; therefore, they assume this will be expensive.

They don’t remove old and useless furniture even after home renovation because they need more info about furniture removal costs.

 But guess what?

 Today, I will provide you with a complete breakdown of furniture removal pricing. So, let’s get this much-needed information before renovation and relocation.

What Does Furniture Removal Cost? Market Info

On average, the furniture removal price nationwide is $50 to $150. The exact cost always depends on the furniture’s volume and size. If you want to haul away an accent chair and couch, be ready to pay something between $70 to $125.

When you dispose of an old sectional sofa, you will pay at least $80 to a professional junk removal company in Richmond.

Some companies need to pick up a single item. You must have multiple furniture items to call a furniture removal company. However, exceptions are always there. A few companies like The Junk Yard Dawgz always go above and beyond to serve their client’s needs. It means they will haul away a single furniture item for you anytime you call them.

What Does Furniture Removal Cost? Get an Understanding of the Cost Breakdown

The cost of furniture removal in Richmond is between $50 to $150 on average. But before you call any service provider, you must understand all the factors contributing to its cost. So, let’s get started.


Your Geographic location is significant in the overall junk removal cost estimate. If you are living in large metro areas, you will pay a high cost. And when you are residing in rural areas, you can pay a low price. Besides, you pay less if you pick a junk removal company nearby. But when you choose a  junk removal company from a considerable distance from your location, you will pay high fuel charges and travel time.

Difficulty of Job

Another thing that defines the cost of furniture removal in Richmond is the job itself. When you have furniture in your front or backyard, it’s easy to access and remove. However, this furniture removal job becomes challenging when storing it in a difficult-to-access place such as in an attic. 

When your furniture requires disassembling, its removal cost will go up. If you want to drop the price, it’s better to make this furniture easier to remove. Dismantling it and bringing furniture from the attic to your front yard is good.

If haulers move furniture from a difficult area and take all your hassle away, you should show some gratitude and pay them some extra money. Find out: How much to tip junk removal company?

Volume of Furniture

The price quote for junk removal is usually based on the volume of furniture. Small items occupy less space in the trucks, so this job costs less. But when you have a heavy and oversized table, it will take up huge space. As a result, you’ll pay high.

What Does Furniture Removal Cost in Richmond ? Key Takeaway

It would be best if you always searched for furniture removal companies near me so that you pick a service provider close to your area. It’s how you will pay less. In addition, always disassemble your furniture and move it to an easy-to-access area so you won’t end up paying a high cost.

Do you want to make your home clutter-free? It’s time to let go of your old furniture and call the Junk Yard Dawgz. We will remove your old furniture safely and without causing any hassle. We will donate your old reusable furniture to charities and recycle damaged furniture in an eco-friendly manner. Call now and get a cost estimate.

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