Top 5 Best Junk Removal Companies in Richmond

Are you renovating your space? A pile of junk in your backyard will be a headache, and you will be looking for relief- which comes in the form of a junk removal service. Since many options exist, you may wonder what to choose or skip.

Sweat not; I’m here to help. You will only have to compare some options as I will provide details of the Top 5 Best Junk Removal Companies in Richmond. This list includes top-rated service providers. So, if you pick a company from this list, you will get the best value for the money. 

Top 5 Best Junk Removal Companies in Richmond

It’s time to unlock the details of the top 5 companies that help you eliminate all the junk in your residential and commercial space in the best manner available.

  1. TheJunk YARD DAWGZ

If you need a company that helps you remove all junk at an exceptional speed and without any hassle, then Junk Yard Dawgz is always the best choice. They can remove furniture, Pianos, Mattresses, carpets, or anything else. This company has a team of highly skilled and experienced haulers who perform quick cleanouts for attic, garage, basement, and commercial properties.

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 As far as demolition is concerned, you can count on this junk removal company in Richmond. They are good at lite destruction, including deck removal, construction debris, and hot tub. The staff is efficient and friendly. They offer faster customer service as compared to others.


Contact number: 804-269-8802

  1. Junk Goat

It would help if you considered calling this service when you want to get rid of residential junk. They offer a money-back guarantee and quick customer service. They are good at commercial junk removal and cleanouts.They always send uniform staff to serve your needs. 

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They will offer upfront pricing and reach on time. Staff will handle everything from start to end; you won’t have to do anything.


Contact number: 804-494-799

  1. Junk Shuttle 

You should call Junk Shuttle service when you have heavy furniture to clean out from your space. They are fast and efficient and offer good customer care. They offer furniture removal, cleanout, and construction debris removal service. When you have large appliances in your space and want to recycle them without affecting the environment, you can opt for this service provider in Richmond. They are good at light demolition, such as decks, fences, sheds, and playsets.


Contact number: 804-895-0303

  1. Elias Junk Removal

If you are looking for a fast and efficient junk removal company in Richmond, you should opt for Elias. They are highly affordable. They are good at debris removal. When you have a construction mess to handle, you can give them a call. They offer outstanding customer service. The staff is efficient and friendly.


Contact number: 804-372-3167

  1. Lester Junk Removal Pros

When you are searching for same-day junk removal, you can call them. They offer junk removal and disposal services. If you are dealing with junk demolition, concrete, and mattress, certainly, it’s the best option to opt for. They are expert hoarder cleanout service providers in Richmond.


Contact number: 804-655-0131

Top 5 Best Junk Removal Companies in Richmond – Wrap up

Finally, you have got a clear idea of the top 5 companies that offer the best junk removal services in Richmond. Instead of comparing all the options, you can choose among five top-rated junk removal companies in Richmond.

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