How Much to Tip Junk Removal? Let’s Figure This Out

Have you scheduled a day for junk removal? and now you will be wonderinghow much to tip junk removal. It’s normal to wonder about this matter because figuring it out is always tricky. You need to find out what a good tip is. Thereby, it’s time to understand what things you should consider while deciding:

Quick Answer: How Much to Tip Junk Removal?

You should give a tip of 10 to 20 per cent of the decided amount to your junk haulers. There are two ways to determine the tip:

It could be the percentage of the total cost of service.


It could be based on the difficulty of pickup.

How Much to Tip Junk Removal? Consider Some Important Things

When deciding how much I should tip for junk removal, you must consider the following things.

Stairs and Location

 Nothing is as challenging as removing heavy items from the second and third floors. If you live in an apartment or building on a high floor, it will be overwhelming for haulers to move things around. So, when stairs are involved in this task, you would know that work is hard. Based on the scenario’s difficulty, you should pay to decide about junk removal Tip.

Weather Condition

Another thing is the weather scenario. The job is simple when a service provider completes a task in average clear weather. This task becomes challenging when it’s raining, heavy snowfall, etc. You know how tricky it is to move things around in extreme weather conditions. So, when you schedule a visit during extreme weather condition, you should pay them more than they quoted. It’s your way of saying thanks.


Sometimes, items are stored in crawlspaces, the basement and other hard-to-access areas. It means haulers will spend extra energy to remove them from the location. So, it’s good to consider this point while figuring out how much to tip. 

Urgent Junk Removal Service 

Sometimes, you don’t have to move a thing quickly, and you can’t wait. You call a company and book an appointment for the same day, and they show up. That means a junk removal service provider has gone above and beyond to serve your needs. You can tip them as they complete your task despite a tight deadline.


Sometimes items are oversized and can only be moved around easily if they are disassembled first. It means haulers will use special tools and pieces of equipment for this purpose. You can pay them extra for this extra work. You should keep in mind that some items can’t be disposed off by junk removal company.

Size of Item

Sometimes, you want to dispose of your piano, sectional sofa, and other heavy items. In that case, you already know that these tasks are difficult ones. It’s quite the work hauler needs to do to move them from the top storey to the ground floor. You can show your gratitude for their work by tipping them 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of junk removal service.

Should You Tip Junk Removal Company?

You may also be wondering whether you should tip a junk removal company. The question is, you should. They are making a living through this service. Imagine you don’t have this service at your disposal. It means you will be doing this task on your own. Can you dispose of heavy items like sectional sofas, LED TV, etc? I don’t think so. 

They will be spending hours handling your junk, and with them, this task is manageable and possible for you. Thereby, it’s essential to be grateful for their service.

Final Thoughts: How Much to Tip Junk Removal?

Now you have a complete picture in mind of how much you should tip a junk removal company. It’s essential to look into all the things before figuring out what could be a good tip. I hope you feel clear and readily decide about the right amount as a tip.

Do The Junk Yard Dawgs Accept a Tip?

Yes, our service providers accept your gratitude. If you feel our hauliers have done an exceptional job and deserve your thanks, you should definitely tip them. Our service providers always go above and beyond to satisfy clients, so you can tip them an amount you deem suitable when they surpass your satisfaction level.

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