Find the Cheapest Mattress Removal and Disposal Service in Richmond

When your old mattress starts giving you back pain and insomnia, it’s the right time to throw it away and replace it with a new one. So, when you decide about replacement, the next big thing to know is how to find the cheapest Mattress removal and disposal service in Richmond.

If that’s what you have in mind, let’s find the best way to dispose of your old mattress. It becomes dusty and useless when you throw it away in your backyard. You can quickly free up your backyard and storage space by getting an old mattress pickup service.

 Today, I will share the cheapest ways to get rid of an old mattress. Are you interested to know?

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Cheapest Mattress Removal and Disposal Service in Richmond

Today, you can find tons of junk removal companies in Richmond that offer old mattress removal and disposal services. For example, if you call The Junk Yard Dawgz, experts will remove the mattress from your storage, attic, or backyard. They will do all the heavy lifting; you only need to point out where you kept that item.

Once the mattress is removed, they will carry it on their vehicle and haul it responsibly. 

If a mattress is in good condition, they will donate it to charities. However, it will be recycled when it’s not in good condition. Either way, this mattress won’t add up in landfills, and you will keep the environment free from unwanted waste.

How Much Does Mattress Removal Service Cost?

The cost of mattress removal is somewhere between $80 and $100. You pay a few bucks and let experts dispose of this mattress. 

This cost is quite reasonable. You pay it once and keep your home clutter-free. The best part of this service is you can book an old mattress pickup date online, and haulers will pick it up from your place. Even they will pick it up from the curbside if you need contactless service.

If you have a lot of junk piling up in your backyard, home, office, or commercial area, you can call the Junk Yard Dawgz and ask them for the cost estimate for a junk removal service. They will tell you how much you must pay for the cleanup.

Why Should You Hire Junk Yard Dawgz for Mattress Removal and Disposal?

Here are some excellent reasons to consider this service.

Hassle-Free Removal

Imagine carrying the heavy mattress all around your home from the attic to your front door. It’s a lot of heavy lifting, and not everyone is ready to lift that much. You pay a few bucks, and an expert hauler will do that for you. Doesn’t it sound like a good deal? 

Since a hauler will take the burden off your shoulder, it’s always a good idea to tip him. Let’s figure out how much to tip a junk removal company.

Best Price Guarantee

Other junk removal companies charge a lot of bucks, but the Junkyard Dawgz’s haulers are different. We set the most reasonable market price. Feel free to get a quote from us and compare it with other companies; in the end, you will find out that we offer the “Cheapest Mattress removal and disposal services in Richmond.”

Responsible Disposal

We don’t dump mattresses in landfill as we care about the environment the most. We take an environment-friendly mattress disposal route- which is to either donate or recycle a mattress. If you want to save this environment, you can join us.

Same-Day Old Mattress Pick-Up Service

You want to get rid of the mattress as soon as you want. If so, please schedule a pickup before noon and enjoy our same-day mattress removal and disposal service.


Another reason to consider our service is to enjoy 100 percent transparency. It means that you will get pricing details upfront. No hidden charges or costs will be there. You will know what you will be paying; there won’t be any surprises.

Final Words-Cheapest Richmond Mattress Removal and Disposal Service

It’s always a challenging task to remove and dispose of a mattress on your own. If you hire experts, they will handle every bit of task, and you don’t have to waste your time or energy.

Want to dispose of a mattress responsibly? If yes, then call The Junk Yard Dawgz at 804-269-8802.

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